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Just Spilt Water on Your Mobile Phone?

Mobile Phone Repair Service Tips on How to Salvage a Wet Phone

Before you pay a visit to your nearest mobile phone repair service because your cellphone has gotten wet, don’t! Even if you have dropped it into the sink, toilet, or bathtub, you could be able to save it. Read on to find more on how you can do this.

The most important thing is to act fast. Take it out of the water, and then switch it off. Remove the battery and any subsequent accessories. Try to soak up as much water as you can with towels and a vacuum cleaner. Then, put it in a bowl full of instant rice or other absorbent material anywhere between 48-72 hours before you attempt to switch it back on. If luck is on your side, your cellphone may just survive its brief brush with death.

As mentioned above, you must always remove your phone’s battery and cover and place them on some clean paper towels. Once you have removed your phone from the water, quickly gather some paper towels or cloths. Lay your phone on top of them and remove the battery cover and battery. You will probably need a Philips screwdriver to do this. If you have an iPhone, you will need a special “pentalobe” screwdriver.

If you are unsure, read the manual to your phone on how to remove the battery. This is a crucial step if you wish to save your phone. Many circuits within your phone will survive their brief submersion in water, when they are not attached to a power source, such as the battery when wet.

To find out if the phone is beyond repair, check the water damage indicator. In many cases, the indicator will be located in the battery compartment directly behind the battery or on the battery itself, all depending on the model of the phone. Normally, it should look like a white square or circle; however, if you see either pink or red, then your phone has water damage, and may need a professional mobile phone repair service.

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