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Just Bought a New Iphone and Want to Know What to Expect?

What Are the Most Common iPhone Repair Jobs?

If you are the proud owner of an iPhone and want to know what to expect when it comes to iPhone repair jobs, the following are the most common to look out for.

Black Screen Of Death

This is when your screen doesn’t respond to finger taps or button presses. However, resolving it can be difficult, as there several reasons why this may happen, such as:

  • Your iPhone got wet
  • Your iPhone has an issue with the battery
  • Your iPhone has been infected with malware
  • Your iPhone received a bad update or was jailbroken

You could try charging your phone to see if your Black Screen goes into a White Screen. Should this occur, try resetting it. However, if your phone refuses to take a charge, you may have to use a professional iPhone repair service in order to replace the battery, or sadly, buy a new phone.

Cracked Screen

An iPhone doesn’t get a cracked screen by itself, so if you handle your phone roughly, then the chances are high you will eventually crack your screen, and sadly, there’s no simple and straightforward fix for this. Because iPhone screens are incredibly sophisticated, you should never consider the DIY route when replacing the screen. You can get your screen fixed using a phone repair service in your area.

Water Damage

This can often result in the Black Screen of Death, as mentioned above; however, it can also cause other problems as well. You may start to notice bubbles of water beneath the screen, or spot rust growing in the charging port. Your phone may even feel atypically hot, and you lose the ability to play sound, well the list is endless.

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